Friday, March 30, 2007

And the blog begins

Writing this as the sun is setting over the South Kona Coast and the wind is singing in the giant cathedral-like wind chimes, I feel the crystal far-infrared bed warming my backside. What a blessing to have such a good life!
Just as i was starting to write this opening blog, Naoko came and told me she is having a difficult time with her divorce and needs to be alone. She wanted to give me money for the flower essences I made for her broken heart. I told her I have a spare room for her to stay at the Dragonfly Cottage. "You would want this for me if I was having a life change and needed private time," I told her. I gave her a hug and then had her lay on the biomatt while I gave her a LaHoChi treatment. ( i learned about from Jonathan) She looked very relaxed after the treatment and felt grateful to be able to go to Sufi Dances of Peace. Laura (from Chicago) went with her. Nice for these two single moms to spend time together singing of peace and love.
I've been intending to write a blog because each day, so many beautiful events happen and I learn interesting things about healing that i want to share. Being on the Big Island of Hawaii, inside the Healing Triangle, magic happens all the time.
My "Recipe for Good Health" keeps growing so fast that i don't have time to keep adding to it. Perhaps i can give a Health Tip or two a day. I just had a taste of my super home made yogurt and recalled my new dear friend, Cat Gwynn ( photography) asking me to send her the information about how to make this tart and probiotic-rich yogurt.
1. the yogurt maker, found on the internet, is called the Miracle Yourt Maker from Miracle Exclusives.
2. the powerful probiotic starter comes from Jeff Brooker( )
3. the organic half and half preferably comes from grass-fed cows
4. the starter needs to be mixed into the organic half and half, placed inside its quart container in the yogurt maker and allowered to "cook" for 24 hours--to eliminate lactose.
5. eating this yogurt is best done after blessing it, with a feeling of gratitude and peace.
I will try to give at lease one health tip every time I blog. I offer this with warm Aloha,

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