Sunday, November 11, 2007

Study about damage by cell phones etc

Cell Towers, Phones & Wi-Fi -
Radiation Poisoning Of US

"Wireless communications radiation is to America today what DDT,
thalidomide, dioxin, benzene, Agent Orange and asbestos were

"In 2000, European communications giant T-Mobile commissioned the
German ECOLOG Institute to review all available scientific evidence
in regard to health risks for wireless telecommunications. ECOLOG
found over 220 peer-reviewed, published papers documenting the
cancer-initiating and cancer-promoting effects of the high frequency
radiation employed by wireless technology."4 Many corroborating
studies have been published since.

By 2004, 12 research groups from seven European countries cooperating
in the REFLEX study project confirmed that microwaves from wireless
communications devices cause significant single and double strand DNA
breaks in both human and animal cells under laboratory conditions.5
In 2005, a Chinese medical study confirmed statistically significant
DNA damage from pulsed microwaves at cell phone levels.6 That same
year, University of Chicago researchers described how pulsed
communications microwaves alter gene expression in human cells at
non-thermal exposure levels.7

Because gamma waves and RF/microwave radiation are identically
carcinogenic and genotoxic to the cellular roots of life, the safe
dose of either kind of radiation is zero. No study has proven that
any level of exposure from cell-damaging radiation is safe for
humans. Dr. Carlo confirms that cell damage is not dose dependant
because any exposure level, no matter how small, can trigger damage
response by cell mechanisms. "

Sprint-Nextel and Clearwire are now rolling out in U.S. cities
tower-mounted WiMAX transmitters providing wireless internet access
"to die for." WiMAX is WiFi on steroids. Upon startup of WiMAX
transmitters near the Swedish village of Gotene, the emergency room
at the local hospital was flooded by calls from people overcome with
pulmonary and cardiovascular symptoms.

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