Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wish you were here!

Lucky us! Phoenix created another phantasmagoic meal tonight. Can you believe how pretty this salad is? And it tastes even better than it looks.
Our honeymooners hot-footed it back here to join us after eating dinner with us last night, knowin how tasty the food is here. When i told Dennis that the long red flowers are amaranth, he commented that he loved the amaranth we ate for breakfast--flavored with Bengal Spice tea.
I feel so nourished as I put together my words to submit to oppose the huge build up of military on the islands--using new sonar and laser technology. No one seems to know how damaging the hydrogen fluoride fall out is with lasers. Whales have been known to beach themselves right after sonar testing is done--like they are trying to tell us that they have a headache they can't contend with. I've never been much of an activist..but i feel like allowing the military to go unchecked is like committing global suicide. Hopefully, my small voice, encouraging all of you to use your small voices, may have an effect on stopping the Military/Industrial Complex:
To whom it may concern:
When I was a child, Eisenhower led me to believe that peace was the only solution to our world problems. I believed him then and now I believe more than ever that he was right. Every time war has happened since World War II, I have felt that it is because we did not pay attention to Ike’s wise advice. He warned us to beware of the Military/Industrial Complex.
With the trillions of dollars being spent on antagonizing other nations by occupying their countries and asserting our military power with bigger and better and more expensive weapons, we can safely say that the MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IS OUT OF CONTROL.
We need to stop this madness and treat all peoples with respect and kindness, helping them with their problems instead of being a problem.
I am particularly concerned about harming whales and dolphins, as well as other creatures including humans. Sonar and laser warfare is ill-conceived and untested technological madness that may have unknown disastrous results.
I realize that your livelihood is based on promoting war. But what is this doing for your grandchildren? If your children are in Iraq now, they will likely have deformed babies that look blistered when they are born.
Please stop and think, is war right-livelihood? The answer is No!
Americans have awakened to the absurdity of our leaders taking our sons and daughters into battle with people who we don’t hate or fear and who have done nothing to harm us. We are not buying that line any more. And we will not put up with killing a million people—especially when 90% of them are unarmed civilians. Forcing our service people to kill innocent Iraqis is something that eats at the souls of these individuals for the rest of their lives.
Military operations have polluted Hawaii. Depleted Uranium is now here with us for the next 450,000 years. Why are you destroying our Paradise? Because no one has stopped you? There are now many people in Hawaii on to the fact that you have raped one of the most pristine places on the planet. We believe that live fire in the Aloha State is particularly inappropriate and will no longer allow it to happen here. We no don’t trust you to look after the welfare of our air, water, or land and it’s inhabitants.
Now that you have finally admitted to polluted this sacred aina with DU, we ask that you close down Pahokuloa as a military training center--after you do whatever you can to clean up the land so that it might be returned to native Hawaiians where it rightfully belongs.

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